Modern Script Fonts Bundle

Modern Script Fonts Bundle

Modern Script Fonts Bundle Authentic Modern Calligraphy Handwritten Style

25 incredible script fonts to your arsenal with this bundle that has a total value of $300. Each font was expertly crafted for an authentic modern calligraphy handwritten style. With these typefaces in your toolbox, you’ll be able to create beautifully handwritten text any time you want.

These fonts are not only gorgeous, but they’re also easy to read. Each font comes in both OTF and TTF format. You’ll get fonts with thin strokes, thick strokes, and brush strokes.

Why you’ll love it:

Modern Script Fonts Bundle is extremely helpful for designing wedding invitations, signs, quotes, posters, social media images, branding, product labels, packaging, crafty projects, and more. This bundle gives you all the script fonts you’ll ever need.

What’ve Fonts included:

  • Tangerine Font
  • Maybird Font
  • Girlfriend Font
  • Clarity Font
  • Barley Font
  • Stillness Font
  • Mountains Font
  • Wildcat Font
  • Moonline Font
  • Silverway Font
  • Smitten Font
  • Islander Font
  • Maybe Font
  • Melbourne Font
  • Tropical Coast Font
  • Kindness Font
  • Kindheart Font
  • Happiness Font
  • Marigold Font
  • Ocean Cabanna Font
  • Free Spirit Font
  • Firefly Font
  • Bluebird Font
  • Honeybun Font
  • Heartland Font

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