Heading Pro Font

Heading Pro Font

Heading Pro Font Wide Spectrum Of Sans Serif Type

Heading Pro provides a wide spectrum of sans serif-type solutions to your design problems. Born as a space optimizing typeface for headers and titles, can be used in its ultra compressed,  compressed, and normal widths to optimize space on the printed page and on the screen. In these widths Heading Pro excels in titles and subheadings, timetables, name and credit lists, and cases of exuberant and excessive copywriting.

But the Heading family is not only made for extreme widths: the original condensed family has been complemented with a range of three medium width variants: Heading Medium, Heading Double, and Heading Treble. When you need to pair the extreme display widths with some medium-proportioned text, these three widths allow you to design text blocks with a fine grain control on appearance and a wide array of open-type features.

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