Dune Font

Dune Font

Dune Font Tech And Sci Fi Font Style With Circular Forms And Straight Lines

Dune font came to be and what its key features are. At the end of this blog post, Dune is already one of the most popular films with an amazing Review on IMDb (8.1*) of 2021. As a sci-fi adventure, the film adapted the already successful science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. Logically, the movie needed a stunning, futuristic.

its includes all basic punctuation and characters. Uppercase and lowercase letters have the same height, but some letters have different designs, giving the designer different possible uses. Dune font is good for display uses such as logos, poster headlines, and many other uses.

Dune is a tech and sci-fi font style that combines circular forms and straight lines, designed by Fontswan based used in the movie title. The font has a futuristic appearance, so it is compatible with futuristic themes, including items such as robots, spaceships, electronics, the universe, planets, nature, and modern architecture.

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