Cavello Font

Cavello Font

Cavello Font Bold And Clean Slab Serif

Cavello Font is a bold and clean slab serif font. This original look will appeal to a wide range of crafty ideas, from letterheads and titles, to stationery.

Cavéllo the font family contains 3 basic forms: italics, obliques and uprights, each of which has 4 different weights: light, regular, semi-bold and bold.

Cavéllo slab serif font family ideal for the logos as well, t-shirts, the web as well as for print, for motion graphics, It is also great for headings.

What is included in this package?

  1. Cavéllo-Light .otf
  2. Cavéllo-Light Italic .otf
  3. Cavéllo-Regular .otf
  4. Cavéllo-Regular Italic .otf
  5. Cavéllo-Semi Bold .otf
  6. Cavéllo-Semi Bold Italic .otf
  7. Cavéllo-Bold .otf
  8. Cavello-Bold Italic .otf

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